Waxing Services North York

Unwanted hair is always a nuisance, regardless of where it lies on your body. This excess hair can produce a bunch of sweat and odour that can ruin one’s self-esteem and pristine hygiene. Luckily, there are many ways to remove unwanted patches of hair, waxing being one of the most effective.

Shaving will cut the hair where it meets the surface of your skin, causing it to grow out faster. Waxing, on the other hand, pulls the hair out from its follicle, taking much longer to heal and eventually grow back. If you are looking for waxing services that work effectively and are set at an affordable price, then we here at INCLUDE Hair Salon & Spa have just what you need. Our prices for our waxing services are listed below.


Waxing 1/2 Arm: $18 Waxing 1/2 Leg: $30
Waxing Back: $40 Waxing Bikini Line: $20
Waxing Brazilian: $40 Waxing Chest (Men): $40
Waxing Chest (W): $30 Waxing Chin: $6
Waxing Eyebrow: $11 Waxing Eyebrow + Upper Lip: $15
Waxing Full Arm: $25 Waxing Full Face: $30
Waxing Full Face (no eyebrows): $25 Waxing Full Leg: $50
Waxing Full Leg + Bikini Line: $55 Waxing Under-arm: $15
Waxing Upper Lip: $6 Waxing Sideburn: $10
Waxing Nose: $5

How We Can Help

Take it from us — when it comes to hair removal, you want to be sure it is being performed by the most skilled professionals in the field. When you are seeking to get rid of your unwanted hair, choose INCLUDE Hair Salon & Spa for your next waxing appointment. We will ensure that your confidence is brought back to life with our highly effective, professional North York waxing services. To find out more, be sure to call us at 416-222-2203 today.