Face Threading North York

Threading is a technique in which hair is removed with two pieces of thin cotton or polyester thread. It is a technique that originated in India, and is now commonly used in the Western world, most frequently done on eyebrows. Here at INCLUDE Hair Salon & Spa, we perform this service on the eyebrows, chin, upper lip and more.

Threading is a great way to remove unwanted hair without pulling or nicking at the skin like a tweezer or wax commonly does. Threading also reduces the chance of infection, due to the fact that it does less damage than its other counterparts. When the treatment is done, your facial hair/eyebrows are looking fresh, clean and more beautiful than ever! Our services for threading are priced below.


Threading Eyebrow: $11 Threading Eyebrow + Upper Lip: $15
Threading Chin: $8 Threading Full Face: $30
Threading Full Face (no eyebrows): $25 Threading Side Burn: $10
Threading Upper Lip: $8

How We Can Help

When you are looking for highly effective threading services, look no further than INCLUDE Hair Salon & Spa. Our team will help assist you to achieve your perfect, desired end result. Say goodbye to unwanted hair and hello to a beautiful, smooth complexion with our North York threading service! To learn more, be sure to call us today at 416-222-2203. We look forward to hearing from you, and helping in any way we can.