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Nail Manicure Pedicure North York

Beautiful nails signify optimal health and beauty standards. The best part about getting your nails done, however, are the endless options in style! You can choose from a number of different colours, textures, patterns, shapes and more, making your nails match your personality and who you are. You can go for a more darker, edgy look or opt for a light, soft pastel style. If you are looking to get your nails done for a certain event, we can make your nails look all the more classy and glamorous as well.

When you’re looking for beneficial manicure and pedicure services, we here at INCLUDE Hair Salon & Spa can help. Below, we have listed all the nail services we currently have available, as well as our prices for each one.


Manicure: $25 Pedicure: $40
Mani-Pedicure: $55 Manicure + Shellac: $30
Pedicure + Shellac: $50 Mani-Pedicure + Shellac: $70

How We Can Help

Our beauty services here at INCLUDE Hair Salon & Spa tower above others in both quality and affordability. From the second you enter our building to the moment you leave, you can be sure that your beauty needs are being properly taken care of. If you are interested in our North York Manicure and Pedicure services, be sure to call us at 416-222-2203 today!