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The passion to express the beauty and individuality is a global phenomenon that sparks imagination and creativity, producing some of the most unique and innovating hairstyles and techniques that shape our image of beauty. With the various types of perms that are coming out of Asia, this global craze is becoming a staple in the hair industry and is establishing its roots in Canada for all Canadians to experience!

Asian hair perm techniques mainly focus on what’s been referred to in the hair industry as heat perms. Heat by itself, whether by blow-drying or heating elements, is harsh to the vitality of hair when used repeatedly to style. With specially designed treatments and techniques (particularly Korean and Japanese), heat perms produce a more defined shape and hold that stays even after washing.

As such, heat perm is a rigorously demanding, time-consuming procedure that requires its own unique specialization and technical knowledge of its imported equipment. Which is why salons in Korea demand at least 5 years of experience to do at a professional level in Korea.

Our stylists at INCLUDE have at least 7 years experience in all the popular type of heat perm and cold perm techniques from the bustling and competitive hair industry in S. Korea. Come in for a free consultation and explore what styling potential you can achieve at INCLUDE.

Magic Straight

This is a type of straight perm using specially designed heat perm treatment and flat iron that straightens frizzy curly hair to a smooth shiny finish that stays after washing.

Digital Perm

Digital Perms is a type of heat perm treatment technique that uses specially designed treatment and digitally calibrated heating machines to give you a more defined natural shape and hold. This perming technique forms the basis of other popular digital perm styles; such as the digital wave perm.

Wave Perm: $80 – $150 Straight Perm: $200 – $400
Digital Perm: $180 – $250 Magic Straight + Digital Perm: $250 – $450

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When push comes to shove, our professional hair team makes sure you walk out of our salon feeling healthy, happy and beautiful. Does our perm service interest you? If so, be sure to contact us at 416-222-2203 today!

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