Men & Women Haircut & Styling

Men Women Haircut Services North York

The haircut is one of the fundamentals of hairstyling that evolves in its artistry as well in its precision. This philosophy is reflected at INCLUDE where our dedicated staff understands your desired image. Our staff are carefully selected and trained to provide our clients with a quality nothing short of excellence. You can be confident that your haircutting experience will be done with sincere professionalism (>7yrs) at a price that is comfortable. Please come in for a free consultation and experience the natural beauty that can be realized at INCLUDE.

Men’s Haircut: $25 – $45 Women’s Haircut: $35 – $70
Fringe Cut: from  $10 Sculpt spa cut: from $40

Styling Services

Our styling services can amp up the look of your newly cut hair, or even just bring volume and definition to your uncut locks! Regardless of your reason, we can make your hair look voluminous and event-ready for hours into the day or night.

Blow dry: from $25 Iron dry: from $30
Semi up style: from $60 Up style: from $80

How We Can Help

If you have a vision for how you want your hair to look, chances are our team can make it a reality. Your path to beautiful hair is just a few steps away, so why wait any longer? To learn more about our North York haircut & style services, be sure to call us at 416-222-2203 today!